SAP 010: A workflow walkthrough of how I create my screencast videos

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SAP 010: A workflow walkthrough of how I create my screencast videos


In this weeks episode I’ll be giving you a step by step walkthrough of my workflow of how I create my screencast videos.

I go through initial ideas, script, planning, screen recording, editing, adding transitions, adding assets, adding a youtube end card, adding a into and outro to my video and then exporting it out.

This is the exact process I use to create over 100+ screencast videos and I think you should create a workflow too. You can use mine or come up with your own.


I would love to know of you have a workflow and if it’s the same or different to mine. If your interested in coming on the show to talk about it, let me know.


Ready to dive & listen?











  • Why you should plan your screencast videos
  • My step by step workflow
  • scripting, recording, editing, exporting and more
  • The exact process I use





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Screen recording apps – My top recommendations


Screenflow is my recommended app for creating screencast videos. 

Camtasia PC & MAC


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Sheena Yap Chan (Canada) – Love the interviews – Love what you have provided here and tips, tricks that can help an entrepreneur. Great start.


Amanda of The World of The Wonderers (Canada) – Great podcast for entrepreneurs! What a great show! Thanks Dean for all your insightful information 🙂


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