About (SCM) screencast magazine

About (SCM) Screencast Magazine


Hello everyone, my name is Dean Haycox and I’m the founder of the Screencast Academy Podcast (SAP) and the screencast Magazine Blog (SCM). 

I’m a podcaster, videographer, vlogger, screencaster and also geek out over rocks. I’m doing a BSC in Geology part time. so if you love rocks we’ll get on.

I want to welcome you to the Screencast Magazine Blog and the Screencast Academy Podcast or SCM & SAP as it’s known around here in the community, you have discovered and amazing resources where we talk and discuss all things screencasting, video, podcast, screenflow, camtasia, news, updates, and oh yes, even more..


Here at SCM & SAP studio I do it all on a part time basis, my full time job I work in the ambulance Service here in the UK, precisely South Wales Valleys (their is lots of sheep here) 🙂 So if you like sheep, you’ll love this place.

I would love one day to be able to do this on a full time basis and bring you even more great content in the form of video, podcasting, Q&As and more and hopefully one day I will

This community was built solely for one thing, bringing you, yes you, not me the entrepreneur & fellow screencaster. I want to use this platform to provide content that is fresh, upto date, unique and cutting edge. It is my pledge to bring you the best content and news that screencasting can offer

It doesn’t matter wether you are brand new to screencasting, dipped your toe in, or, been doing it for a few years. Every single one of you are now part of the SCM & SAP community and would love to hear from you.


Some of what we do here at SCM & SAP

We bring you the weekly SAP

Where we talk screencasting, hardware, software, news, updates, apps, reviews, workflows. We also have some expert guests on the show to share knowledge, experience, tips, resources and workflow.

We have had guests on such as Lucas Bishofberger from Telestream the makers of screenflow. Where he talks all about his workflow, tips, resources and more. You can listen to episode 4 How to be more productive in screenflow.

Also coming up in furure episodes,Doug Devitre, Steve Dotto, Lon Naylor (A camtasai ninja ) and many more.

You also have the opportunity as an entrepreneur to come on the show and share your experience and story about screencasting and how you’ve implemented it into your business. You can also get the chance to ask your questions right here on the podcast. and you can start now, click submit a question link and it will take you to where you can leave your voicemail question.


The SCM website

The heart of what we do. You will find all the latest podcast episodes, articles, and video tutorials. You can even watch our very popular, How to create a youtube video in screenflow, a 6 part series. How to create a youtube video in screenflow all for free




The SCM membership platform – In here you will get access to:

  • The forum where you get to ask your questions and me and the community will answer them
  • The download library jam packed full of assets such as, HD videos, royalty free music, calls to action clips, youtube end cards and more
  • The monthly LIVE Q&A webinar where you get to ask me your questions live