SAP 007: 6 Tips For Getting You More Youtube Views

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6 tips for getting more views on your screencast videos



In episode 7 this week I give you 6 tips for getting more youtube views on your screencast videos. I can even guarantee most people won’t be using these tips I’m about to share with you.


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  • why keyword research is important
  • Having the right title
  • Correctly filling out the description
  • Tagging your video properly without spamming
  • Using your own custom youtube thumbnail
  • Naming your exported file correctly and why
  • Using the subtitles that youtube gives us
  • why we should be doing all the above to get great search results for our videos


6 Tips: 


Tip No1  Keyword research if you’re just starting out you need to do some kind of keyword research


  • You need to do research on youtube for the video you’re going to create, an example would be a screenflow tutorial. You can use youtubes auto populate search function (see the below image) so put in the name of your screencast video and slowly delete back and that will start to relieve some keywords that are actually being typed and searched for in youtube.




  • You can also search for keywords in google put your main keyword in look at the list that comes up and you can also if you scroll down to the bottom pick some keywords up from there. These are actually keywords again that people are searching for right now.  (see image below)




  • Once you have your keyword or keywords we can move onto tip no2


Tip No2 – Title


  • Add that primary keyword like screenflow tutorial and add a second keyword like how to add background music so you now have screenflow tutorial – how to add background music as a keyword.


Tip No3 – Your description 


  • This where you can add your description of not only your video but also your web address. You get a very small paragraph in your description and to see more you have to click the show more tab.


  • Make sure in that small paragraph you add the title of the video followed by your web address.


  • So for example it would be screenflow tutorial – how to add background music that is the first thing that people see of your description.


  • You then need to give a small description of the video and what the viewer is going to get from watching


  • You can then add if you wanted a link to subscribe to the channel with more videos that you have on your channel with all the links


  • You can add a call to action link for viewers to sign up for something free that your giving away email sign up


  • And lastly your web address again at the bottom


I see a lot of videos that leave this blank please don’t, does everyone read this that watches your video, no, tell them about it. And lastly if your video gets embeded onto another site all the description and your web address goes along with.


Tip No4 – Tags


This is the place where you can add tags or keywords for your video but don’t over do it the recommended is around 10 and no more


Tip No5 – Custom thumbnail


  • If you haven’t got yourself a custom thumbnail and your using one of youtubes suggested thumbnail then you need to go out and have one designed. Why? Because your own design is better than the suggested
  • 2nd, branding, you can brand your own videos,  take a look at one of my videos well infact all of them, all the screenflow tutorials have the same design
  • 3rd, viewers will see the thumbnail first and if your thumbnail as the title on they could click on your video over someones elses who may or may not have the title on theirs.


my Screenflow tutorial thumbnail designed in Fiverr



how to upload to youtube



I bought my custom thumbnail through fiverr I think I paid about $20 for it, that included the design images and the PSD file, make sure you get the PSD file, that way you can change the title of your video



Tip No6 – Closed Captions or subtitles


  • If you have scripted your screencast video you can add that to the CC or subtitles section of when you upload your video.


  • Now as far as I know there is no evidence that this helps with keyword research but there isn’t any to say that it doesn’t but it can’t hurt to do this. Why? Well, if you have subtitles it not only helps deaf persons, but could possibly help with search engine rankings because hopefully you would have added some of your keywords into your script or when you’re recording your videos.
  • Can you see why now i put keyword research at the top, your keywords are included in your uploaded video, in the title, the description, tags, custom thumbnail and in your subtitles.





Screenflow is my recommended app for creating screencast videos.  you can grab your copy by clicking the link HERE!










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